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Through his death and resurrection, Christ became the true and perfect temple of the New Covenant and gathered together a people of his own.

This holy people, unified through the unity of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, is the Church that is the temple of God built of living stones, where the Father is worshipped in spirit and truth.

Rightly, then, from the early times the name "church" has been given to a building in which the Christian community gathers to hear the word of God, to pray together, to celebrate the sacraments, and to participate in the Eucharist." from the Roman Pontifical

If you are new to St. Anne's Parish, we want to meet you and invite you to join with us in our parish life. If you are already a registered parishioner, we want to get to know you better so that everyone will develop a real bond of friendship and a sense of belonging here. Join us so that together we may accomplish our task more fully as the Body of Christ.


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