Sarah's Dwelling House

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Greetings! Having spent a little while without communicating on the updates to Sarah's House, am filled with gladness to announce to you the completion of Sarah's House i.e its construction.

During this time we were preoccupied with Landscaping, Gutters'-constructions, Paintings, Fixation of Glasses and Doors and Water-Connections. The exotic grasses we have planted on the ground will soon be grown and cover the bare ground.

We must acknowledge with no point of reservation; Your assistance has been of great help to the erection of this building.  It was really impossible to commence and move forward without your generous heart that has seen the parish been uplifted to a certain higher level of distinction.  I wish there were sufficient words to cast our gratitude sentiments.  You have given us the perpetual souvenir we shall never forget with any passage of time. It is only God who can pay you back what you have sacrificed to the survival of our parish. May the Lord grant you more favours and graces you need.

We thank you even more for the continual support you are making and the ones you have promised to the parish.  All these will upgrade the entire life of the parish whose welfare is always closer to our hearts.

We are also saddened by the transfer of Fr. Gracious to another parish. Fr. Peter Mulomole will take over from him as Parish-Priest. We pray for his wellbeing in the new parish (Lingoni Parish) where he has been appointed to serve as Father-Superior.

Finally, we continue to pray for all the clergy and parishioners of St. Anne's Parish, in Canada and our cordial relationship, as we move together to the Heavenly Banquet which the Lord has prepared for us all.


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