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The parish hall, located in the same building as the church, holds a maximum of 220 people for a sit down meal. The hall is equipped with five feet round tables which will seat eight persons. There is a kitchen on the premises which is to be used as a servery only by the renter. St. Anne's Parish hall does not have a caterer, it is up to the renter to hire their own caterer.

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To rent our parish hall, please call our hall manager: Neil Mooney at 306-221-4013

Schedule A: Rules and Regulations For Rental of Parish Facilities


1. Rental Fee and Damage Deposit:

a) Rental Fees for the Parish Hall are as follows:

* Full Day Rental (12 hours) - $700.00 + $500.00 (damage deposit) = $1,200.00 includes tables, chairs, sound system, caretaker, kitchen (used as a servery only)

* Three hours of decorated time is included. After three hours, a $50.00/hour surcharge will be applied..

* Partial Rental 
- $55.00/hour = includes kitchen (used as a servery only) caretaker, tables, chairs, sound system

* Additional Charges
- $50.00 charge for clean-up of major spills, vomit, broken glass
- $50.00 charge if the ovens were used (must be cleaned after use)
- $50.00 charge if sinks, drains, toilets were plugged due to neglect of the renter
-$50.00/hour charge if renter exceeds the three hour allotted time for decorating.

-$50.00 charge if sound system is used for taped music for the evening

-$100.00 charge for projector

b) Half of the Rental fee MUST be paid at the time of signing the application form in order to guarantee the date(s) of the event. The remainder of the rental fee and damage deposit must be paid six (6) months prior to the event. The Parish reserves the right to withhold the return of this fee should the applicant cancel the event within six (6) months of the confirmed date of the function. The Parish must be notified in writing of the applicant's intention to cancel their confirmed booking. If a replacement booking is made for that date, the rental fee will be refunded.

c) The damage deposit will be used to recover the costs of damages and extraordinary clean up to the Parish facilities, its equipment, contents and grounds resulting from the carelessness or neglect on the part of the applicant and their group. Should the damages be greater than the damage deposit, you will be billed for the full cost of the repair. Damage deposit will be refunded if the event is canceled.

2. Payment Methods and Additional Charges:

All additional charges such as dish rental must be paid in full 10 days prior to event. Any final adjustments, damage costs or refunds will be completed within 5 working days of the event. All payments will be made by cash, cheque or money order payable to St. Anne's Parish. Should the cheque be NSF, the booking fee and date of event will be forfeited.

3. Hours Defined and Limitations:

The full day rental is in effect until 1:00 am allowing one (1) hour for removal of guests, entertainment/performers, decorations, gifts, liquor, empty bottles, etc. There will be a surcharge of $100.00 per hour or portion thereof if the renter does not vacate the premises by 2:00 am. Last call for the bar will be at 12:30 am. 
St. Anne's custodial representative and the applicant's responsible person will work together to fulfill these requirements. Because of the Parish's mass schedule No sound checks will be permitted during these hours. 
Saturday - 4:00 pm until 6:30 pm
Sunday - 8:00 am until 12:30 pm
** Events planned at other times, the applicant should check with the Parish for possible conflicts with the Parish schedule.

4. Insurance:

Any applicant for the use of the Parish Hall is covered by the Parish's insurance policies for any injuries or damages they cause or suffer from their own activities, provided NO ALCOHOL is served as a part of the function. However, if alcohol is served, this is not covered by our Diocesan policy. In this case an Alcohol Liability Insurance Policy Application/Certificate (see attached) must be completed with the fee of $125.00 (for 100 - 500 people) or $96.00 (for under 100 people) and forwarded to Neil Mooney (hall manager) or St. Anne's parish office prior to the event.

5. Smoking:

In accord with the City of Saskatoon Smoking Control Bylaw #7554, there will be no smoking in the Parish facilities. St. Anne's is a SMOKE FREE area.

6. Serving Alcohol/Liquor Permits:

St. Anne's Parish Knights of Columbus will provide a bar service for a corkage fee of $5.00/person over the age of six. If alcohol is being served, the applicant is responsible for attaining a Special Occasion Permit from the Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Authority. The permit will be prominently displayed at the bar on the day(s) of the event. NO HOMEMADE ALCOHOL will be permitted. Alcoholic drinks will NOT be allowed outside St. Anne's parish hall.

7. Building Capacities:

The applicant is responsible for ensuring that the "occupant loading" of the Hall is not exceeded. The tables available are five feet in size and will seat eight persons. The seating capacity for dining is 220 people.

8. Kitchen Usage:

The kitchen may be used as a servery only. Kitchen facilities may only be operated by authorized personnel. It is not open to public usage. Failure to do this will result in losing the damage deposit.

9. Decorations:

No decorations will be permitted on the walls or ceilings of the Hall. Only free standing floor and table decorations will be used. NO candelabras, confetti, sparkle glitter, rose petals or rice will be allowed within the Parish facilities or its surrounding property; non-compliance will result in forfeiture of the damage deposit. The use of masking tape or sticky tack is acceptable on tables or chairs. No tacks, pins, nails or staples are to be used. All decorations must be removed by 2:00am. Absolutely no dance wax is permited.

10. Dish Rental:

Place setting rental is available @ $4.00 per person. A place setting includes: dinner plate, desert plate, cup, cutlery, wine glass, water glass. Individual dish rental is also available. See price list attached.

11. Clean Up:

The applicant or their responsible person are responsible for removing anything that the applicant has brought in (decorations, food, liquor, empty bottles, etc). Also, clean up of cups, dishes, glasses, etc. from the hall and kitchen as well as wiping of all tables used is the responsibility of the renter.
The caretaker will take care of the removal of tables and chairs and washing of the dishes.

12. Loss/Theft:

St. Anne's Parish will not be responsible for any lost or stolen property brought onto the premises by the applicant and their guests.


Schedule B                 Rental Policy


The parish hall, whether or not it is located in the church building, is church property and is required to be operated as an extension of the church.  It is primarily intended to assist the parish in fulfilling its role in the Catholic community including providing facilities where members of the parish may meet and hold social and other events, and provision of access to the broader Catholic community.  The parish hall and related facilities are not facilities made generally available for rent by members of the public.


As such, the parish hall is primarily intended for the conduct of parish and other church activities, and when otherwise available will be made accessible for appropriate purposes to:

1)      parish members and user groups in the parish

2)      local Catholic schools and associated home and school organizations

3)      other Catholic parishes and associated organizations

4)      other organizations associated with the church in the Diocese of Saskatoon, and

5)      Catholic organizations such as the Knights of Columbus and Catholic Women’s League


The parish and the church believe in cooperating with community organizations to assist them in meeting the social, vocational and recreational needs of the community.  In support of this belief, the parish will permit the use of the parish hall and parish facilities by the community provided there is no conflict with Catholic values, aims and objectives.


Use of parish facilities by users shall be compatible with Catholic values, aims and objectives, and it is the responsibility of the lessee, including any individuals representing an organization, to insure compatibility.


Rental of the facility is not permitted for activities which are likely to cause damage to the premises.


The parish hall rental committee reserves the right to deny the rental of the facility to any individual, organization or user group that in their view does not conform to this rental policy.  As a term of any rental agreement, in the event that the use for which the parish hall has been reserved under a rental agreement has been misrepresented or insufficiently disclosed so as to confirm compliance with this policy, the parish reserves the right to cancel any rental agreement upon being aware of such non-compliance notwithstanding the proximity of such cancellation to the proposed date of use.


Since such cancellation can cause significant inconvenience to the user, users are encouraged to insure that the rental committee is fully informed of the intended use of the parish hall.  No liability shall accrue to the parish, or any person as a result of cancellation in accordance with this policy.

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