June 4, 2016

Saint Anne's Parish is hosting a HUGE garage sale on June 4, 2016 with proceeds going to Hope for Malawi

To make this event a HUGE success we need you to be involved. We are asking for donations of gently used , or items in good condition.

Toys, books, children's clothing, household items, or you can arrange for larger items to be donated.
If you would sell it at your garage sale, we would love to sell it at ours.

Bar-be-que and FacePainting will also be available.

Drop off times for donations are as follows:

After masses May 21&22 and May 28 & 29. May 30 - June 3 from 4:30-6:30 every night.

For large items please email Sandy@cjamesrun.com to discuss.

Why go through all the work of hosting your own garage sale, when you can drop off your used items at the Church (dates and location to be announced soon), and have the sale of those items go to aid our sister parish in Malawi, through the charity Hope for Malawi

One of our young parishioners (Sarah is 9 years old) is leading this event, and you can meet her in this video:

If you are a kid, and you want to volunteer, we could really use the help. 
Show up at 7AM at St. Anne's Parish on Saturday June 4th and we will put you to work.

Kids Care Garage Sale

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Ministry Schedule May 2016 

May 1, 2016    6th Sunday of Easter

Mass Time:

Kids 4 Christ - June 5th 

Our closing for Kids for Christ Carnival is scheduled for Sunday, June 5th  at 12:00 pm following the 11:00 mass.
The "Kids for Christ" group will gather at the 11:00 am Mass that day, to share their theme song with the parish, while we project past session pictures.  After that, participants and parents will gather for lunch. Activities reflecting the theme of "When the Saints Come Marching In" will follow. Read more »

Friends and Fashion Evening 

We are pleased to announce our first annual Friends and Fashion Event.  This lady’s evening will have you sharing wine, dessert and shopping set to the music of a live band – Standard Trio.   This event will take place on Friday, June 3rd from 7 to 10 pm.  Proceeds will be used for projects in Sacred Heart Parish in Malawi, Africa. Read more »

Parish Annual Reports 

Attached are committee reports that were presented at this year's annual general meeting:


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